October 28
Where: The Masters School
Agenda: Click here to view the schedule of events
Registration opens Friday, September 22, 2017

The Saturday Summit on Social Justice will be an interactive full-day conference (with affinity groups, workshops, lunch, a pizza dinner and a student dance) for local independent school students (grades 8-12), faculty and administrators. The summit will explore and examine the important roles that diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice play both in and outside of our school communities.

Featuring guest edutainment artist Cometry. Voted best diversity artist by Campus Magazine.   

Student Workshops
  • Code switching 
  • Activism: why it matters here and now 
  • American identity: what does it mean to be American in today’s society? 
  • Intersectional Feminism 
  • Freedom of expression, forbidden words and offensive jokes: where do we draw the line, or should we? 
  • Body image & physical appearance 
  • The media, stereotypes and role models 
  • The gender continuum 
  • Religion and identity 
  • Popular music, diversity and identity
  • Race and the judicial system 
  • Ability and disability: what’s normal? 
  • Being an upstander versus a bystander 
  • Wealth, class and independent schools 
  • The real meaning of racism 
  • Sexual identity 
  • Race versus ethnicity 
  • Understanding privilege 
  • Identifying and confronting sexism 
  • Diversity and the film industry 
  • Diversity in academia
Adult Workshops
  • Diversity initiatives in our schools 
  • Incorporating diversity into your curriculum 
  • Strategies for allies in the classroom 
  • Exploring intersectionality within the classroom 
  • The power of courageous conversations 
  • Discussing cultural and gender identifiers in the classroom

For further information or questions, please contact: Karen Brown (The Masters School, Karen.brown@mastersny.org) or Ali Morgan (Rye Country Day School, Ali_Morgan@ryecountryday.org)

49 Clinton Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 479-6400

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